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About Us

Cypress Creek Southern Ales is a family owned, small batch, nano-brewery where we are hand crafting unique and flavorful Texas inspired beers and ales. Our passion for beer and brewing knows no bounds and our owner has been deeply involved in the craft beer market since 2010.

Like a lot of other breweries before us, we have a very simple goal; brew the beers we want to drink.

We invite all guests, 21 and over, to hangout, enjoy our beers, and chat with us and our other guests. During good weather months our outdoor venue is open for cornhole. We love meeting new people and seeing our friends and familiar faces, so come on by for a visit.

Our brewery is a one-man operation and our product selection will change frequently. We encourage everyone to visit our online menu, and check our social media feeds, for our latest offerings and hours. Our published closing hours are always, and will remain, flexible, to keep our operating costs to a minimum. We may, at times, publish early closing and last call hours, if the taproom is very slow. Please be respectful and understand that the brewery taproom will close early, if there are not enough customers to cover the operating costs.

Children and Pets are allowed at the brewery, however, we have restrictions so all of our guests can have an enjoyable experience.

Children must stay seated at your table and should be discouraged from roaming the property. The property is not "child friendly" and we do not want your children getting hurt.

Pets are welcome on the patio, but all pets need to be physically restrained on a leash and MUST BE CURRENT ON VACCINATIONS. You may be asked for their current records so please have those available. Your Pets should be on a flea treatment and should be taking a heartworm medication. We have a brewery dog and a brewery cat, so please be respectful of their home. If you suspect your pet is sick, please do not bring them to the brewery. When your pet uses the facilities, please PICK UP AFTER THEM, we have bags so please ask us.

The possibilities are endless so come visit us and join our brewing adventure and you too can Experience Complexity!

Our Beer Philosophy

Cypress Creek Southern Ales Draft Beer

Beer for the Craft Palate

When I first became introduced with what I'll refer to as “better beer,” it was over a decade ago, on a business trip to Belgium. In those days I was a macro beer drinker like most, however, when I returned to the States, I started my journey into the "craft" world. I was obsessed with trying every new style and every new offering I could get my hands on.

This concept is a cornerstone here at Cypress Creek Southern Ales. We brew what we want to drink and we think you will like it too. Our beers are not "safe", but they also are not "extreme". We consider our beer offerings to be complex, multi-dimensional and a flavorful experience on the palate. We want your experience to be challenging, but drinkable, a gateway to more unique and better flavors.

This concept is something we had rarely experienced as we made our way through the craft beer world. But during our continuing journey, we came to have a great appreciation for those brewers testing the limits of each style and making beer that was unique to their specific brewery.

Cypress Creek Southern Ales Flight

Not just a saying

One of the major concepts at Cypress Creek Southern Ales is the idea that beer should be full flavored. Often, when we traveled and sampled beers from all over, we were left with a single identifying characteristic that could sum up our drinking experience.

So when we started crafting our own beers, we wanted to make beer that was complex, with varying depths of flavors, one that, as you let it warm up, changed in unique and subtle ways. And when you tried to describe the flavor profile, you listed off multiple attributes that all complimented each other.

Beer made in this fashion is more expensive, it is harder to craft, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Why? You, the customer. We think you deserve the best tasting beer we can make. And we keep it reasonable so you can enjoy the beer and know it is not hard on the pocketbook.

We offer a variety of unique and flavorful beers, poured from 10 rotating taps. Follow us on Untappd to be kept up-to-date on what we are currently serving.

We offer our beer in two different formats; a 12 oz Belgian beer glass and a 4 oz Taster. Or choose a Beer Flight and get five 4 oz beers.
When you are here you are family

Visiting the Taproom?
When you are here, you are family.

Our taproom is small, like living room small. So when you visit us, it's like visiting your close friend at their house. But that is exactly how we wanted it. So stop on by for a beer, visit with our other guests and maybe hang around for some indoor games at our large "game table". There is usually a game of Yahtzee, Uno, Skip Bo or the popular "Greed" dice game being played. When the weather cooperates, play cornhole outside on our large patio.

We always have some great beer on tap but we do not provide food. We have chips and nuts but that is about the extent of our food selection. You are always welcome to bring in your own food from a local restaurant (Z's Cafe, Taco Dive, Barrel House, La Conchita, Pykes) or bring something from home. The two local Pizza restaurants; Roma Pizza and Pizza Inn, both deliver to the brewery.

The Taproom hours are flexible so if you have any questions, please contact us. Our normal summer (Mar-Oct) hours are Wednesday 5pm to 9pm and Saturday noon to 9pm. During the winter months (Nov - Feb) we are only open on Saturdays from noon to 9pm. We may at times post early closing notices to our social media accounts for various reasons so please check.

Hope to see you around. Cheers.

Directly from the Brewery

Beer To-Go

Here at Cypress Creek Southern Ales we are very concerned with the quality and the customer experience, of the beer we brew and serve. For that reason, we have delayed offering full time Beer-To-Go, until we were sure we had a system that would allow you to have (as close as we could get to) the same experience as you would, direct from the taps at the brewery.

Cypress Creek Southern Aleas has purchased and is using, a growler filling aparatus that fully purges the container with CO2, pressurizees the bottle to the same pressure as the source and fills the container from the bottom up. This will give you the best experience when you get home and pop open the container for the first glass, just like we poured it for you at the taproom. It will also ensure that the container maintains the quality of its contents longer, due to the CO2 that remained in suspension when initially filled.

You will never see us (unless it is an extreme circumstance), placing a tube on one of our taps and filling a growler of any kind. That's just not us, as it doesn't do justice to the beer, and does not meet our high standards. Filling a growler in this manner is not the way we will perform growler fills, as the instant you begin pulling the tap handle, CO2 begins leaving the beer and degrades the quality of what you will experince. Unless the establishment is using a pressurized container and a counter-pressure filler, it is plain and simply sub-standard.

Cypress Creek Southern Ales has a limited supply of beer available for Beer-To-Go*. However, at this time, we will be allowing customers to bring in their own personal Growlers for filling from a variety of our available beers on tap (limit 64 oz per person). We prefer and recommend 32 oz, flip top growlers with a silicone seal to ensure longevity and freshness. We also ask that the growler be cleaned and sanitized prior to bringing it into the brewery for filling. We will perform a quick rinse, but to ensure you get the best experience, please clean your growlers thoroughly.

*exclusions apply (specialty beers, in-house only and limited supply beers are excluded)

Employment Application

Employment Application

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